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Original painting

Custom painting

The special series YOUR PORTRAIT is a unique reproduction of your portrait in the original style and graphic technique of the artist.

This series allows you to immortalize your portrait, an emotion, a memory... but it can also be any other subject of your choice. It's a personalized order; you choose the format, the dominant colors, or you can leave creative freedom to the artist. The artwork is created on a 2mm thick aluminum sheet; the weight will depend on the format. The artwork is signed and dated on the back of the canvas. Produced in a unique series. It comes with a certificate of authenticity also hand-signed by the artist.



Steps by steps

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Collection #3


After contacting the artist and after defining a format, dominant colors, framing, delivery method, and payment method, all you need to do is pay a deposit of 10% of the total amount to be placed on the waiting list for custom orders.

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The painting is currently being created. The average waiting period is estimated to be between 4 to 12 weeks. Unless urgent*, please mention it.


There are several types of framing available. The artist offers either a fixed attachment on the back or a wooden or aluminum frame attached to the back of the artwork, allowing it to protrude from the wall, and the cast shadow will create the frame.

The shadow box frame (see photo opposite) highlights the artwork without having to touch the metal sheet with fingers, thus avoiding leaving marks or cutting hands while also protecting it (recommended by the artist).


For shipping a painting, the artist personally prepares the packaging. He packages them with a double panel of honeycomb cardboard, 2 cm thick and resistant to 3 tons of compression. The corners are protected by 10 cm thick foam squares. Then, it's covered with an opaque black film. The package includes the certificate of authenticity and the invoice. Delivery is then carried out with the carrier DHL. All packages are delivered through the GO GREEN delivery mode (electric vehicle) with mandatory signature upon receipt. PS: If you are in Nice, it is possible to pick up the artwork directly from the studio.


Method 1

Pay directly on the website. The artist will contact you directly via email, and if further details are needed, they will be requested.

Method 2

To confirm your order, a 10% deposit is required. The remaining payment will be made before delivery. However, it's possible to pay in installments, up to 12x without interest. Meanwhile, you will receive a high-definition photo of the artwork. The painting itself will be kept in a secure storage space until the payment is finalized. Then, it will be shipped to you.


" Your Portrait "

Formulaire " Your Portrait" 

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